We are raising money for Lifesaving Fire Equipment and to build a fully functional, trained and supported Volunteer Fire Department for the community of La Ribera BCS Mexico

This campaign was created by Steve Alcorn; a retired fire captain of the North Lake Tahoe Fire Protection District, in Incline Village, Nevada. During a visit in 2000 he fell in love with La Ribera and it’s people. He now makes his second home there and is very active in the La Ribera BCS community.

Stephen Alcorn – Campaign Founder

Stephen (Esteban) Alcorn - Retired Fire Chief

As Steve became more involved in the local BCS community he recognized that there was a serious gap in emergency fire response.

“The occasional wildland-palm tree fires were met by local town folks in levi’s and water trucks and were mitigated without serious incident.”

But it was clear that firefighter response to building fires and other rescue scenarios took way too much time, and that a serious safety problem was at hand (La Ribera currently receives fire rescue support from both San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas. The closest of which is about an hour away)

The tragic death of Maria Lomeli is what prompted Steve to finally close this gap. The rest is history and now we are building a stand up a volunteer fire brigade in La Ribera to prevent this from ever happening again.

From Lifesaving Fire Equipment to an International Movement

This campaign started as an effort to get La Ribera a fire truck and some basic but lifesaving fire equipment: It has become an international movement to build the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Dept.

Steve and his team are working tirelessly with incredible support from the BCS community, La Ribera city officials and U.S. fire fighters and fire organizations to give La Ribera and surrounding communities the lifesaving fire rescue that they need.

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