La Ribera Volunteer Firefighter Training

In October our founder, Steve Alcorn was in La Ribera to assist with formal training of the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Fighters! Training directly with our firefighters; putting his extensive fire rescue experience to work for the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department.

Thank You, Steve!

Steve’s commitment to excellence, comprehensive expertise and distinguished service as a professional first responder and fire captain is a tremendous asset to the volunteer firefighters that will be protecting La Ribera and surrounding communities in BCS.

Our Volunteer Firefighters Come from all over the East Cape.

The La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department is going to serve many communities and provide desperately needed access to fire rescue and emergency response.

“We are in the process of training, as of now it is all Civil Protection folks, after we get them trained, we will start active recruitment in the community. This is currently bigger than just La Ribera, we have folks from throughout the area, Santiago, Mira Flores, Buena Vista and Rancho Leonero.”

We hope you enjoy the firefighter training photo gallery below. Many more to come.

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