Let’s Build a Volunteer Fire Department!

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Progress Updates
Follow along as we build a fully equipped, trained and functional volunteer fire department from the ground up!

La Ribera Fire Dept. Merch
Our beautiful original designs and community-contributed art are going to be offered on exclusive merchandise like T-shirts, hoodies and more. We are doing this to further support the campaign. As a community member you will receive incredible offers and opportunities to score free swag.

Opportunities to Participate
We are hosting a variety of ways for you to participate directly in our effort and be recognized for your service. The forthcoming platform where you can submit stories, original artwork, and vote on campaign decisions that will help guide our community to success. You will be recognized for your contributions and have opportunities to earn special merchandise and content for your help.

There will be awards and honorary memberships in the La Ribera Volunteer Fire Department given in recognition of helping spread the word and support the campaign.

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As a member of the La Ribera Fire Community, you will have access to members-only content and other fun stuff that we have planned.

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